joining/founding a women's group

last night i was invited to go to some kind of group therapy event, which turned out to be a lecture on how to start a women's group... and while, honestly, i got a bit tired of hearing our presenter speak, it actually seems like it will be a really fantastic way to connect with some awesome chicks. and the presenter will not be in the group, so that works for me.

i'm actually kind of excited, despite not really feeling like i "need" this as much as some of the other ladies... i have karen, traci, kendra, etc, plus this full moon group, plus my mom and sister in town, so i don't often feel like there aren't good women around who 'get me.' but having said that, it certainly can't hurt to make more friends and hang out with them.

it's interesting though, for the first time in my life i feel surrounded by women that i actually like! normally i either do not have many female friends period, or i just don't like them that much to want to actually hang out with them. these days that seems to be changing and i think i am actually starting to prefer women (in general).

i am really hoping these girls knit, or crochet, or something... incorporating a stitch n bitch night every now and then would be the best thing ever.


knit list and reason for absence

i am pregnant, so i've been spending all my free time blogging about that specifically. if you want the link just let me know...

but in the meantime, i have a list of non-baby-related things i need to knit and this seems like the most sensible place to keep it.

karen's gift
shannon's gift

sweater for matt?? at least scarf and mitts
scarf and hat for james
scarf and mitts for melissa
body sock thing for mom? maybe a bolero
slippers for dad? something like that.


the business of being born

update/review: i'm going to use a terrible word to describe this documentary--riveting. seriously. i watched about 3/4 of it last night and only pulled myself away because i was exhausted and needed sleep. i can't wait to go home and finish it... i really felt something connective watching those women (and men) go through the birthing process. i learned a lot, too.

i plan to watch this movie on the oh-so-awesome "instant" netflix tonight. i was intrigued by all the controversy with the AMA and Ricki Lake, and then when i watched the trailer i decided i have to see it. i'm excited; i think it might get me all fired-up though.

i'll post a review tomorrow. btw, eff the AMA for the arrogance of assuming they have any say on how/where/when women give birth. and for getting pissed that this documentary tries to empower women with information. there could be nothing any less their business than an experience as intimate as birth.

a hair post

so. my hair is officially "long" these days, and let me tell you, i am loving it. i was having some issues with fairy-tale ends (you know when it is really fine and straggly at the ends) so i spent about an hour over the weekend snipping away at the splits whenever i found one, and i ended up with some pretty ridiculously uneven ends. enter mom to save the day...

she gave me a mini-trim to even it out and between the two cuts i lost about 1/2 inch *sigh* but my hair does look a lot healthier. i'm crossing my fingers for a fast grow-back.

and while i'm on the subject: henna. i'm getting frustrated by always having orange roots! it wouldn't be a problem--i look ok with orange hair--but since my length is so dark i just look like i am always overdue for a dye. i don't really know what to do about it other than quit the henna altogether... and that would mean y e a r s of weird blonde roots slowly catching up to the dark-brown length. ah, no thanks. :\


new yarn

pretty, huh?


knitting projects (actual)

ok so these are 2 of 3 of my works-in-progress. first is the bag, then the little wallety thing:

note about this blue thing: i used a yarn much smaller than what the pattern called for (i think) so i tried to compensate by doubling the amount of stitches and ended up with a way-too-wide rectangle! so i decided to improvise and re-work the pattern, and i am very proud to say i think it's going to turn out just fine. i should be finished with it tomorrow :)

woodland escapades

i don't know if it was an overdose of alice in wonderland as a child, too many shrooms as an adult, or just a weird obsession of mine, but i really love mushrooms. i love the way they look and the fact that they remind me of fairies and elves and other wee folk... they seem to be growing everywhere i look, lately, so i've been taking photos.


knitting projects

so i am learning to knit, and as usual, already obsessed with it and tackling over-ambitious projects. here's what i'm working on right now...

from glampyre knits (mine will be rust-colored):

from grittyknits (i'm making several in various colors):

and i have one more no-pattern project that i will post when it's done. it's my first attempt at a bag, so i have mediocre hopes that it won't totally suck. lol.



hi, i'm rhiannon and this is my blog. nice to meet you.

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