joining/founding a women's group

last night i was invited to go to some kind of group therapy event, which turned out to be a lecture on how to start a women's group... and while, honestly, i got a bit tired of hearing our presenter speak, it actually seems like it will be a really fantastic way to connect with some awesome chicks. and the presenter will not be in the group, so that works for me.

i'm actually kind of excited, despite not really feeling like i "need" this as much as some of the other ladies... i have karen, traci, kendra, etc, plus this full moon group, plus my mom and sister in town, so i don't often feel like there aren't good women around who 'get me.' but having said that, it certainly can't hurt to make more friends and hang out with them.

it's interesting though, for the first time in my life i feel surrounded by women that i actually like! normally i either do not have many female friends period, or i just don't like them that much to want to actually hang out with them. these days that seems to be changing and i think i am actually starting to prefer women (in general).

i am really hoping these girls knit, or crochet, or something... incorporating a stitch n bitch night every now and then would be the best thing ever.

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