the business of being born

update/review: i'm going to use a terrible word to describe this documentary--riveting. seriously. i watched about 3/4 of it last night and only pulled myself away because i was exhausted and needed sleep. i can't wait to go home and finish it... i really felt something connective watching those women (and men) go through the birthing process. i learned a lot, too.

i plan to watch this movie on the oh-so-awesome "instant" netflix tonight. i was intrigued by all the controversy with the AMA and Ricki Lake, and then when i watched the trailer i decided i have to see it. i'm excited; i think it might get me all fired-up though.

i'll post a review tomorrow. btw, eff the AMA for the arrogance of assuming they have any say on how/where/when women give birth. and for getting pissed that this documentary tries to empower women with information. there could be nothing any less their business than an experience as intimate as birth.

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