a hair post

so. my hair is officially "long" these days, and let me tell you, i am loving it. i was having some issues with fairy-tale ends (you know when it is really fine and straggly at the ends) so i spent about an hour over the weekend snipping away at the splits whenever i found one, and i ended up with some pretty ridiculously uneven ends. enter mom to save the day...

she gave me a mini-trim to even it out and between the two cuts i lost about 1/2 inch *sigh* but my hair does look a lot healthier. i'm crossing my fingers for a fast grow-back.

and while i'm on the subject: henna. i'm getting frustrated by always having orange roots! it wouldn't be a problem--i look ok with orange hair--but since my length is so dark i just look like i am always overdue for a dye. i don't really know what to do about it other than quit the henna altogether... and that would mean y e a r s of weird blonde roots slowly catching up to the dark-brown length. ah, no thanks. :\

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