newborn mitts knitting pattern

these were created for my incubating baby girl, so she doesn't scratch herself with those sure-to-be-sharp little baby nails. they are so tiny and cute and were a really fast knit!

i used two yarns i found in my mom's stash, just some cheap, roughly equal-weight little yarns, probably sport or maybe fingering. gauge is not important as long as you use a small enough yarn and needle so they will fit little hands.

this used maybe 10 yards of yarn… knitted flat and seamed.

CO 40 in multi-colored yarn
rows 1-6 knit in 1x1 rib

switch to white yarn...
rows 7-12 in stockinette
row 13: *k3, k2tog*
row 14: purl
row 15: *k2, k2tog*
row 16: purl
row 17: knit
row 18: purl
row 19: *k1 k2tog*
row 20: purl
row 21: *k2tog*
cut yarn and pull it through stitches to close top appropriately, with knit side facing out.
seam up the side, turn inside out, and voila! note: i wove a piece of yarn through the wrist to create a drawstring closure.

15 minutes to cute mitts!

(this is my first pattern--yes, it is very simple--but i hope it isn't too laughable...)

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Peg said...

What size knitting needles?